Inexpensive Reusable FX Wounds With Silicone and Make-up (2022)

Introduction: Inexpensive Reusable FX Wounds With Silicone and Make-up

Hi, welcome to my instructable.

In the past year i've been experimenting with common silicone (grout sealer), perfecting the process so it can be used as an alternative for sugru.I started with this instructable aboutoogoo.

So a while ago my friend had a halloween birthday.
I have made molds and bellows with silicone so why not some prosthetic wounds and scare some people really good.

In this instructable i'll show you how to make your own wounds, fake blood and other prosthetics on the cheap.
All made with common silicone(grout).

Step 1: What You Need

You'll need some mixing tools to mix your silicone and additives
these will get messed up with silicone after use(preferably not plastic because the naptha will dissolve it).
-Mixing cups
-Stirring sticks (popsicle sticks, brushes, ruler, spoon)
-Something to smear your silicone on to (preferably flat and smooth so you can peel it off easily)
you can always tape an area of a table or cardboard with smooth packaging tape.

photo 2For the siliconeFlesh you'll need:
-Silicone (transparent)
-Foundation (Make-up)

photo 3For the siliconeBlood you'll need:
-Silicone (transparent)

-Silicone (white)
-Acrilic paint
-FX prosthetic glue
-Red and Blue make-up (blush works nice this you can mix into your silicone)
-Toilet paper
-Plaster of paris
-Petroleum jelly
-Brushes different sizes

Step 2: Inspiration and Research

Do your research and draw inspiration from the craziest scars blood and FX wounds there are!
Your options are limitless you can build any wound you want with this method.
Just take your time give it some love and the result will be mindblowing.

now i want to make a zipper face-mask!

Step 3: Safety Precautions

Before heading on
if you are working with my mix
the ingredients used are toxic
the naphtha is toxic
and the silicone is also toxic (mine is 100% silicone dissolved in vinegar)
Safety precautions!
Repeated or prolonged skin contact can cause irritation and dermatitis.
May cause drowsiness or dizziness. Extreme exposure such as intentional
inhalation may cause unconsciousness, asphyxiation and death.
Harmful to aquatic life.

Precautionary statements
Prevention Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames, welding and hot surfaces.
No smoking.
Keep container tightly closed.
Ground and/or bond container and receiving equipment.
Use explosion-proof electrical equipment.
Use only non-sparking tools (if tools are used in flammable atmosphere).
Take precautionary measures against static discharge.
Wear gloves, eye protection and face protection (as needed to prevent skin
and eye contact with liquid).
Wash hands or liquid-contacted skin thoroughly after handling.
Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.
Do not breathe vapors.
Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
Response In case of fire: Use dry chemical, CO2, water spray or fire fighting foam to
If swallowed: Immediately call a poison center, doctor, hospital emergency
room, medical clinic or 911. Do NOT induce vomiting. Rinse mouth.
If on skin (or hair): Take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse
skin with water/shower.
If in eye: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses,
if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing.
If skin or eye irritation persists, get medical attention.
If inhaled: Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.
Get medical attention if you feel unwell.
Storage Store in a well ventilated place. Keep cool. Store locked up. Keep container
tightly closed . Use only approved containers.
Disposal Dispose of contents/containers to approved disposal site in accordance with
local, regional, and national regulations.


(Video) Inexpensive reusable FX wounds with silicone and make-up Part-1 Sculpting

Step 4: SiliconeFlesh

Now to make some sick wounds you'll need a base.
These first layers of silicone will give you a base to work on .

First you need to know how much pigment(make-up) you need to add for your desired skin color

Remember to mix tiny portions at a time, this will set up pretty fast as thenaphthaevaporatesquickly.
-mix your silicone grout with naptha just enough to thin it out and make it stirrable
-add your make-up, try to use tiny dots at a time it will blend as long as you mix it properly

Now you need to know how thick you want your mix to be(it needs to be easy smearable and still hold its shape).
-now you can add some more naphtha to your mix.. or not

The skin color used in these photos is my first try it was white silicone with red acrylic paint.
Later on i used make-up with transparent silicone to mimic real skin.
This didn't harm my sculpt as i builded it in layers.

In order to create a cut you need to smear out 2 globs of your mix.
With your popsicle stick/ruler and take a glob of your mix.
Hold your stick at a angle so you create an ridge.

Ridge one
Draw an ridge with your silicone make the ends go down.
Ridge two
Do the same here only mirror it so the highest edges face each other.

Now let your sculpt cure.

Don't panic if it not looks like how you wanted it.
It takes several layers of this to build a nice scar,just make sure your sculpt cured before you seal it with more silicone.

At this point thicken your ridges so it looks more thorned.
Quick tip: thin layers are better than in thick globby layers it gives you more control over your sculpt but it takes more time

For each layer you need to prepare a new batch , this is time consuming but gives you the opportunity to add different colors to your sculpt.When you use transparent silicone it's well...... transparent just like a real skin.
Add a bit of Blood Red and Bruise Blue to your layers and cover it with normal skin color to give the effect YOU want!

I made some video's about the sculpting process.

Step 5: SiliconeBlood

To make your silicone blood
take your silicone and fake-blood

-mix your silicone grout with naptha just enough to thin it out and make it stirrable
-add your Fake-Blood
The more fake-blood you add the more runny it will be and it won't cure properly. Some blood thensit in droplets on the rest of the cured mix it is a nice effect but wont last long you can rub it off and it will bee too runny better to use pure fake blood for the finish then this.

(Video) Inexpensive reusable FX wounds with silicone and make-up Part-3 Molding

If you are happy with your consistency try sculpting.
Sculpt either on your scars or make a new sculpt it doesn't matter.

Step 6: Depth and Layers

Continue to add more layer with each layer you'll add more depth.
Don't forget to make bruises, some blood silicone will do and some blue makeup works also good.

When you are adding bruises / spots :
You dont have to make a mix of silicone with colored make-up for the bruises.
Just simply paint/sponge it on with a brush like you do on a real human.The the next layers of silicone that go on top of that will seal it.
Your silicone will not stick to the make-up initially so dont cover the whole sculptwith make-up. Work in layers!

Add some black spots in your cuts/wounds to give more depth this can be done before the blood process or after just do it when you want it.

As in icing on a cake,
give your sculpted wounds a topping of siliconeBlood.

After this last layer of blood has cured you have 2 options:
The silicone is very shiny
If you don't like this
- buff out some areas with your some cloth
If you do like this and thus to protect this look
-give it a light coating of just transparent silicone remember that you don't want to see any brush strokes

This last option gives a glass like finish and you can see through it, it stays shiny and gives more depth

Step 7: Get Ready to Become a Zombie

When you are done and satisfied make sure to let it cure for about 24 hours.
Now it has cured its time to peel of your prosthetic, make sure to be careful although the silicone is pretty though thin thin pieces can rip or deform easily.

At this stage your prosthetic is cured and will shrink slightly (depends on how much naphtha u used).

I have noticedthat most things including my fx skin glue(spirit gum) will not stick to cured silicone.
So in order to make an prosthetic that will stick to your skin you need to upgrade it a little bit with TP... Toilet PaperMan's best friend.

Getting ready to TP your prosthetic
most luxury toilet paper is in multiple layers and nice little designs on it
if you have this you need to take apart the layers try to use only the layer without the design or else you have a chance that it will show up on the bits that sticks out and glued on the skin(its not the end of the world you can put make-up over it).
Or just buy some plain old single sheet toilet paper and you can skip this process

Your pieces of single sheeted toilet paper should be bigger then your prosthetic.
It should and unbroken as you want no gaps and preferably no overlapping pieces of tp on the back(it just gets messy)

TP your prosthetic
-mix some clear silicone with naphtha
-smear it on the back of your prosthetic
-stick your toilet paper on top of the wet silicone
Make sure the silicone doesn't penetrate the toilet paper, it just needs to stick to the back.
At this stage i took some naphtha and poured it onto the backon topof the toilet paper so it would combine the layers moreeffectively.

For safety its better to let your prosthetic cure for about a week or more to make absolutely sure that no solvents will seep into your skin after applying.

(Video) Inexpensive reusable FX wounds with silicone and make-up Part-2 Blooding

Apply your prosthetic
Now that there is some surface for your FX(spirit gum)glue to adhere.
-clean your skin where you gonna apply of any dirt and greasy and wait until its completely dry
-apply your glue on your prosthetic and wait till its it becomes really sticky
-now with a cotton swab stick apply some glue on the edges and your skin
-press firmly and continue until the glue has dried

Finish the appliedprosthetic
In order to blend your prosthetic with you skin you need to use make-up.
-apply some blue blush with a brush
-make bruise spots on the edge of your prosthetic and your skin
-add some red over the blue to make it look more real (or not)
-wipe some of it off if it is too much or even wipe off most of the makeup it will give a dull finish with a little color
-now its time to get really messy add some FX fake-blood and cover your wounds with it. The more the better....=D it will wear off and mess every where.
You can never use too much fake-blood!

Step 8: Molds and Other Variations

Once you are done experimenting and are familiar with the process you can start to make wounds out of molds.

This replaces a whole step of making the base at the scarring process.
You still need to add more layers and depth into it but its a nice head start.

Making a positive
To make molds you need to make a positive wound.
Note that you only need to make a BASE for the wound
You can either make one from silicone or you can create some awesome effects with clay or play-dough.

Making the mold
Make sure your mold is modeled on a tray or somewhere you can make a clay wall so that you can pour it.
-make a clay wall/divider
-grease up your positive base wound (anything that will come in contact with the plaster)with some petroleum jelly.
-mix your plaster with water
with your bag should come instructions o how to mix it and with what amounts i'm not reinventing the wheel.
-pour the plaster into your positive
try to make sure there are no air bubbles in the plaster while and after pouring(by gently tapping on it or vacuumize it )

Working with clay gives you some advantages as over silicone. You can have more control over the outcome as clay is forgiving you can fix mistakes. Also like i did you can make scratches with your own hand in the clay.
I even made a replica of a plaster denture replica (mold made with silicone then poured with plaster of paris) which i used to makebite marksin my clay.

This video shows how to fill a mold and how to apply toilet paper to it.

Step 9: A Few Words

Although using silicone for these wounds came out quite nice, the processing of it is quite harmful if you do not take care of your safety!
Also the silicone is quite stiff and though compared to other rubber/flesh like materials you would use for FX wounds.

Meaning its durable but because of these properties the silicone prosthetic will:
-Release from your skin in areas where your skin moves too much.
-This also happens if you have a big prosthetic and the skin underneath it twists.
-Same thing happens where the areas of your prosthetic are too thick.
The silicone is way stiffer then your skin so it will not flex as much and begin to release.
I imagine if u use liquid latex, modeling wax or gelatin or anything else it would would do the same depending on the stiffness.
Conclusion: don't get your prosthetic too thick or big cut it up in parts, else it willreleaseeasily after it has been applied to the skin.


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Preiswerte wiederverwendbare FX-Wunden mit Silikon und Make-up: Hallo, willkommen zu meinem instructable. Im letzten Jahr habe ich mit gängigem Silikon (Fugenmasse) experimentiert und den Prozess so perfektioniert, dass er als Alternative für Sugru verwendet werden kann. Ich habe mit diesem Lehrbuch über OOGOO angefangen. Also vor einer Weile meine ...

Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Skulptur ausgehärtet ist, bevor Sie sie mit mehr Silikon versiegeln.. Fügen Sie Ihren Schichten etwas Blutrot und Blau hinzu und bedecken Sie sie mit normaler Hautfarbe, um den gewünschten Effekt zu erzielen!. Wenn Sie dies haben, müssen Sie die Ebenen zerlegen und versuchen, nur die Ebene zu verwenden ohne das Design oder sonst haben Sie eine Chance, dass es auf den Bits auftaucht, die auf der Haut herausragen und kleben (es ist nicht das Ende der Welt, das Sie schminken können).. -Reinigen Sie Ihre Haut von Schmutz und Fett und warten Sie, bis sie vollständig trocken ist. - Tragen Sie Ihren Kleber auf Ihre Prothese auf und warten Sie, bis sie richtig klebrig wird. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Form auf einem Tablett modelliert ist oder dass Sie irgendwo eine Lehmwand anfertigen können, damit Sie sie gießen können.

Billige genanvendelige FX-sår med silikone og make-up: Hej, velkommen til min instruerbare. I det forløbne år har jeg eksperimenteret med almindelig silikone (grout sealer), der perfekterer processen, så den kan bruges som et alternativ til sugru. Jeg startede med dette instrueret om øjoo. For et stykke tid siden min ...

-bland din silikone fugemasse med naptha lige nok til at tynde det ud og gøre det omrørbart. Nu skal du vide, hvor tyk du vil have din blanding til at være (den skal være let smearable og stadig holde sin form) .. Tilføj en smule blodrød og bruise blå til dine lag og dække det med normal hudfarve for at give den effekt du vil have!. Jo mere falsk blod du tilføjer jo mere løbende det vil være, og det vil ikke helbrede ordentligt.. Det er en dejlig effekt, men det er ikke længe siden du kan gnide den af ​​og det bliver øre for løbende bedre til at bruge rent falsk blod til mål da dette.. Tilføj nogle sorte pletter i dine udskæringer / sår for at give mere dybde, det kan gøres før blodprocessen eller efter bare at gøre det, når du vil have det.. hvis du har dette skal du skille lagene forsøge at bruge kun laget uden Designet ellers har du chancen for at det vil dukke op på de bits, der stikker ud og limes på huden (det er ikke verdens ende, du kan sætte make-up over det).. Det skal og ubrudt, da du ikke ønsker nogen huller og helst ingen overlappende stykker tp på bagsiden (det bliver bare rodet). -rør din hud, hvor du vil anvende noget snavs og fedt og vent indtil det er helt tørt. tørre noget af det, hvis det er for meget eller endda tørre af det meste af sminke det vil give en kedelig finish med en lille farve. Når du er færdig med at eksperimentere og er fortrolig med processen, kan du begynde at gøre sår ud af forme.. Du skal stadig tilføje flere lag og dybde ind i det, men det er en god start.. Du kan enten lave en fra silikone, eller du kan skabe nogle fantastiske effekter med ler eller legetøj.. Sørg for, at din mug er modelleret på en bakke eller et sted, du kan lave en lervæg, så du kan hælde den.. Selvom du bruger silikone til disse sår, dukkede ud, var det fint, at behandlingen af ​​det er ret skadeligt, hvis du ikke tager vare på din sikkerhed!

Nevoi plătibile de recuperare FX cu silicon și make-up: Bună, bine ai venit la instructorul meu. În ultimul an, am experimentat cu silicon obișnuit (etanșant), perfecționând procesul, astfel încât acesta poate fi folosit ca alternativă pentru sugru. Am început cu acest instructaj despre oogoo. Deci, o vreme în urmă ...

Dacă este în ochi: clătiți cu atenție cu apă timp de câteva minute.. Este nevoie de mai multe straturi pentru a construi o cicatrice frumoasă, asigurați-vă că sculptura este vindecată înainte să o sigilați cu mai mult silicon.. Cu cât adăugați sânge mai fals, cu atât mai mult va fi și nu se va vindeca în mod corespunzător.. Siliconul dvs.. Deci, pentru a face o proteză care se va lipi de piele, trebuie să o faceți puțin mai mult cu TP … Hârtie igienică Cel mai bun prieten al omului.. Cu cât este mai bine ….. Nu poți folosi prea mult sânge fals!. Încă mai trebuie să adăugați mai multe straturi și adâncime în ea, dar este un început frumos.. - Scoateți din piele în zonele în care pielea se mișcă prea mult.. Siliconul este mult mai rigid decât pielea, astfel încât să nu se flexeze atât de mult și să înceapă să se elibereze.

Murang magagamit na FX sugat Sa Silicone at Make-up: Hi, maligayang pagdating sa aking instructable. Sa nakaraang taon ako ay nag-eksperimento sa mga karaniwang silicone (grout sealer), pagperpekto sa proseso upang maaari itong magamit bilang isang alternatibo para sa sugru. Nagsimula ako sa pagtuturo na ito tungkol sa oogoo. So a while ago my ...

Para sa bawat layer kailangan mo upang maghanda ng isang bagong batch, ito ay oras na pag-ubos ngunit nagbibigay sa iyo ng pagkakataon upang magdagdag ng iba't ibang mga kulay sa iyong sculpt.When gumamit ka ng transparent silicone ito ay mahusay …… transparent tulad ng isang tunay na balat.. Ang ilang mga dugo pagkatapos umupo sa droplets sa natitirang bahagi ng cured mix ito ay isang magandang epekto ngunit wont huling mahaba maaari mong kuskusin ito off at ito ay bee masyadong ranni mas mahusay na gamitin ang dalisay na pekeng dugo para sa tapusin pagkatapos ito.. Lamang lang pintura / espongha ito sa may isang brush tulad ng gagawin mo sa isang tunay na tao.Ang susunod na mga layer ng silicone na pumunta sa tuktok ng na ay selyo ito.. kung mayroon kang ito kailangan mong kunin ang mga layers subukan na gamitin lamang ang layer walang ang disenyo o iba pa ay mayroon ka ng isang pagkakataon na ito ay magpapakita sa mga bits na sticks out at nakadikit sa balat (hindi nito ang katapusan ng mundo na maaari mong ilagay ang make-up sa ibabaw nito).. -wipe ang ilan sa mga ito off kung ito ay masyadong marami o kahit na punasan off ang karamihan ng mga pampaganda ito ay magbibigay ng isang mapurol matapos na may isang maliit na kulay. Gumawa ako ng kopya ng isang replika ng pustiso ng plaster (amag na ginawa sa silicone at pagkatapos ay ibinuhos sa plaster ng paris) na ginamit ko upang gumawa ng mga marka sa pamagat sa aking luad.

Olcsó újrafelhasználható FX sebek szilikon és smink segítségével: Szia, üdvözlöm az instructable-on. Az elmúlt évben kísérleteztem a szokásos szilikon (habarcstömítéssel), tökéletesítve a folyamatot, így a sugru alternatívájaként használható. Ezzel a taníthatatlanul elkezdtem az oogoo-t. Szóval egy darabig ...

Csak jóváhagyott tartályokat használjon.. Most már tudnod kell, hogy milyen vastag legyen a keverékednek (könnyűnek kell lennie, és még mindig meg kell tartania az alakját) .. Hogy a szilikon véred legyen. vegye a szilikon és a hamis vér. Minél több hamis vér adódik hozzá, annál több nyálkás lesz, és nem fog megfelelően gyógyulni.. Ne felejtsd el, hogy zúzódásokat okoz, néhány vér szilikon fog tenni, és néhány kék smink is jól működik.. Miután ez az utolsó vérréteg meggyógyult, 2 lehetőség van:. Ha így tetszik, és így védi ezt a megjelenést. - adjunk hozzá egy egyszerűen átlátszó szilikon bevonatot, ne feledd, hogy nem akarsz semmilyen ecsetvonást látni. - a protézis és a bőr szélén zúzódó foltok. - törölje le azt, ha túl sok vagy törölje le a legtöbb sminket, ami egy apró színt ad egy kis színnel. Szerszámok készítéséhez pozitív sebet kell készítenie.. Ne feledje, hogy csak a BASE-t kell készítenie a sebre. - keverjük össze a gipszet vízzel. Szintén a szilikon elég merev, és bár más gumi- vagy hússzerű anyagokhoz hasonlít, mint a FX sebek.. - Ez akkor is előfordul, ha van egy nagy protézised és a bőr alatti csavarodás.

جروح FX قابلة لإعادة الاستخدام غير مكلفة مع السيليكون والمكياج: مرحبًا ، مرحبًا بك في التعليمات الخاصة بي. في العام الماضي ، قمت بتجربة مادة السيليكون الشائعة (سدادات الجص) ، مما أتقن العملية حتى يمكن استخدامها كبديل للسكرو. لقد بدأت مع هذا إرشادات حول oogoo. منذ فترة طويلة ...

إذا كنت تعمل مع مزيج بلدي. استخدم فقط في الهواء الطلق أو في منطقة جيدة التهوية.. الآن لجعل بعض الجروح المريضة ستحتاج إلى قاعدة.. - الآن يمكنك إضافة المزيد من النفثا إلى المزيج الخاص بك.. أو لا. مع عصا المصاصة الخاصة بك / المسطرة واتخاذ الكرة من مزيج الخاص بك.. ارسم سلسلة من التلال باستخدام السيليكون الخاص بك.. -إضافة الدم وهمية الخاص بك. إذا كنت راضيًا عن تناسقك ، فجرب النحت.. بعد علاج هذه الطبقة الأخيرة من الدم لديك خياران:. الاستعداد ل TP الخاص بك الاصطناعي. يجب أن تكون قطع ورق التواليت المفرد أكبر من الأطراف الاصطناعية.. من أجل مزج الأطراف الاصطناعية مع بشرتك ، يلزمك استخدام المكياج.. - تطبيق بعض أحمر الخدود الأزرق مع فرشاة. يمكنك إما صنع واحدة من السيليكون أو يمكنك إنشاء بعض الآثار الرائعة باستخدام الصلصال أو العجين.

Jeftine višekratne FX rane sa silikonom i šminkom: Bok, dobrodošli u moj instructable. U proteklih godinu dana eksperimentirala sam s uobičajenim silikonom (brtvilo), usavršavajući proces tako da se može koristiti kao alternativa za sugru. Počeo sam s ovim uputama o oogoo. Prije nekog vremena moja ...

fotografija 3 Za silikonsku krv trebat će vam:. Koristite samo odobrene spremnike.. - Sada možete dodati nešto više nafte u vaš mix.. ili ne. Potrebno je nekoliko slojeva da se napravi lijep ožiljak, samo se pobrinite da se vaš klesar liječi prije nego ga zatvorite s više silikona.. Ne zaboravite napraviti modrice, neki krvni silikon će učiniti i neka plava šminka također dobro radi.. Jednostavno ga obojite četkom kao što to radite na pravom čovjeku.. Primijetio sam da je većina stvari uključujući i moj ljepilo za kožu neće se lijepiti na osušeni silikon.. Uvjerite se da silikon ne prodire u toaletni papir, samo se mora zalijepiti za leđa.. Zbog sigurnosti, bolje je da protezom izliječite oko tjedan dana ili više kako biste bili sigurni da vam nakon nanošenja u kožu neće prodrijeti nikakva otapala .. - Čvrsto pritisnite i nastavite dok se ljepilo ne osuši. Rad s glinom daje neke prednosti kao i silikon.. Također silikon je prilično krut i iako u odnosu na druge gume / mesa kao što su materijali koje će koristiti za FX rane.. Isto se događa kada su područja vaše protetike predebela.

Making and applying professional quality wound prosthetics.

Pour the low viscosity Smooth Cast resin over the sculpt and after a few minutes the plastic will begin to cure.. Smooth-Cast® 300 will cure in 20 minutes, and then the clay mold wall can be removed.. Pour a small amount of 99% isopropyl alchol into a cup and use a clean brush to remove the remaining clay out of the resin mold.. Sand the edges of the mold until smooth and then the finished flat resin mold is clean and ready for silicone casting.. Add a small amount of Silc Pig® Flesh Tone pigment to the Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® part B.. Use the brush to help remove the silicone piece from the mold.. Now dispense equal amounts of Skin Tite® parts A and B into a mixing cup and mix thoroughly.. Collect a small amount of Skin Tite® adhesive on a cotton swab and apply in a thin layer to the model's skin.. Begin by pouring a small amount of 99% isopropyl alcohol into a cup.. Alcohol activated makeup will be used to color the silicone piece and help the appliance match the skin of the model.. Apply a small amount of theatrical blood to a fake knife.. A makeup removal wipe can be used to clean the alcohol activated makeup from the skin surface.. Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® silicone is pigmented and mixed, then poured into the plastic flat mold.. The piece is then applied to the skin using Skin Tite® silicone adhesive.. Smooth Cast® 300 Dragon Skin® FX-Pro® Skin Tite® Silc-Pig® Universal Mold Release Non-Sulfur Clay Plastic Base Wooden Tool Metal Scraper

Недорогі багаторазові FX рани з силіконом і макіяжем: Привіт, ласкаво просимо до мого інструктора. У минулому році я експериментував із загальним силіконом (затірка), вдосконалюючи процес, щоб його можна було використовувати як альтернативу для sugru. Я почав з цього інструктажу про oogoo. Так що давно моя ...

Я зробив форми і сильфони з силіконом, так чому б не деякі ортопедичні поранення і лякали деяких людей дійсно добре.. Додайте трохи блакитного червоного і синього кольору до шарів і накрийте його нормальним кольором шкіри, щоб дати ефект, який ви хочете!. Чим більше фальшивої крові ви додасте, тим більше буде насмішок, і він не буде правильно лікувати.. Деяка кров тоді сидіти у краплі на решті вилікуваної суміші це красивий ефект але wont тривають довгі ви можете терти це та це буде bee надто runny краще використати чисту підроблену кров для закінчення тоді це.. Додайте кілька чорних плям у ваші розрізи / рани, щоб дати більше глибини це може бути зроблено до процесу крові або після просто зробити це, коли ви хочете.. Тому для того, щоб зробити протез, який буде прилипати до вашої шкіри, вам потрібно трохи модернізувати її з ТП … Туалетний папір Кращий друг людини.. якщо у вас є це, потрібно розбирати шари, намагаючись використовувати тільки шар без Дизайн, або ж у вас є шанс, що він з'явиться на шматочках, які стирчать і приклеюються на шкіру (його не кінець світу можна покласти на неї).. Вона повинна і безперервна, як ви хочете, щоб немає прогалин і бажано не перекриваються шматки tp на спині (це просто стає брудним). На цьому етапі я взяв деякий нафти і налив його на спину на верх туалетного паперу, щоб він поєднав шари більш ефективно.. Для безпеки краще вилікувати протез протягом тижня або більше, щоб переконатися, що після нанесення розчинник не просочиться в шкіру .. -Випустіть деякі з цього, якщо це занадто багато, або навіть стерти більшу частину макіяжу, це дасть похмуру обробку з невеликим кольором. Після того як ви закінчите експериментувати і знайомі з процесом, ви можете почати робити рани з форм.. Ви можете або зробити один з силікону, або ви можете створити деякі чудові ефекти з глиною або тестом для гри.. з вашою сумкою повинні прийти інструкції про те, як його змішати і з якими обсягами я не винаходити колесо.. Крім того, силікон досить жорсткий і, хоча в порівнянні з іншими гумовими / м'якоть, як матеріали, які ви будете використовувати для FX рани.

Ferides econòmiques reutilitzables amb silicona i maquillatge: Hola, benvingut al meu instructor. L’any passat he estat experimentant amb la silicona comuna (segellador de llet de cereals), perfeccionant el procés de manera que pugui ser utilitzat com a alternativa a sugru. Vaig començar amb aquest instructable sobre oogoo. Així que fa un temps la meva ...

després es farà malbé amb silicona després de l’ús (preferiblement no de plàstic perquè la naptha la dissoldrà).. Feu la vostra investigació i inspireu-vos en les cicatrius més boges de la sang i les ferides de FX que hi ha!. Utilitzeu només a l’aire lliure o en una zona ben ventilada.. -Ahora podeu afegir una mica més de nafta a la vostra barreja.. o no. Per fer la sang de silicona. prengui la seva silicona i la sang falsa. No heu de fer una barreja de silicona amb maquillatge de colors per a les contusions.. Per tant, per fer una pròtesi que s’adhereixi a la vostra pell, haureu d’actualitzar-la una mica amb el paper TP … El millor amic de l’home.. Per combinar la vostra pròtesi amb la vostra pell, haureu d’utilitzar el maquillatge.. - Augmenteu la vostra ferida de base positiva (qualsevol cosa que entrarà en contacte amb el guix) amb una mica de vaselina.. -Així passa el lloc on les àrees de la vostra pròtesi són massa gruixudes.

Ucuz ve Silikonlu Makyajlı Yeniden Kullanılabilir FX Yaraları: Merhaba, talimatıma hoş geldiniz. Geçtiğimiz yıl ortak silikon (harç kapatıcı) ile denemeler yaptım, süreci mükemmelleştirerek şekerli bir alternatif olarak kullanılabilir. Oogoo ile ilgili bu eğitimle başladım. Yani bir süre önce benim ...

Kabı sıkıca kapalı tutun.. Şimdi bazı hasta yaraları yapmak için bir tabana ihtiyacınız olacak.. -sadece şeffaf silikon hafif bir kaplama verin herhangi bir fırça darbesi görmek istemediğinizi unutmayın. Bu nedenle, cildinize yapışacak bir protez yapmak için TP ile biraz geliştirmeniz gerekir.. -nafta ile bazı şeffaf silikon karışımı. - daha gerçek görünmesi için mavinin üzerine kırmızı bir miktar ekleyin (veya değil). Gerçekten dağınık olmak için biraz zaman tanıyın, biraz FX sahte kan ekleyin ve yaralarınızı örtün.. Hala içine daha fazla katman ve derinlik eklemeniz gerekir, ancak bu güzel bir başlangıç.. Kalıp yapmak için pozitif bir yara yapmanız gerekir.

Feridas reusáveis ​​baratas do FX com silicone e composição: Olá, bem-vindo ao meu instrutível. No ano passado eu tenho experimentado com silicone comum (cimento de argamassa), aperfeiçoando o processo para que ele possa ser usado como uma alternativa para o sugru. Eu comecei com este instructable sobre oogoo. Então um tempo atrás, meu ...

Mantenha o recipiente bem fechado.. -Agora você pode adicionar um pouco mais de nafta à sua mistura.. ou não. Para cada camada que você precisa para preparar um novo lote, isso é demorado, mas dá-lhe a oportunidade de adicionar cores diferentes para o seu sculpt.When você usa silicone transparente é bem …… transparente apenas como uma pele real.. Para fazer o seu sangue de silicone. leve seu silicone e sangue falso. Algum sangue, em seguida, sente-se em gotas sobre o resto da mistura curada é um bom efeito, mas não vai durar muito tempo você pode esfregar-lo e vai ser muito líquido para usar o sangue falso puro para o acabamento, então isso.. Continue adicionando mais camadas com cada camada que você adicionará mais profundidade.. Adicione alguns pontos pretos em seus cortes / feridas para dar mais profundidade, isso pode ser feito antes do processo de sangue ou depois de fazê-lo quando você quiser.. Então, para fazer uma prótese que vai aderir à sua pele você precisa atualizá-lo um pouco com TP … Papel higiênico O melhor amigo do homem.. -agora com um cotonete aplique um pouco de cola nas bordas e sua pele. Para combinar sua prótese com a pele, você precisa usar maquiagem.. Para fazer moldes, você precisa fazer uma ferida positiva.. -Aumentar sua ferida de base positiva (qualquer coisa que vai entrar em contato com o gesso) com um pouco de vaselina.. -Misture seu gesso com água. - Liberte-se da sua pele em áreas onde sua pele se move muito.. -A mesma coisa acontece quando as áreas da sua prótese são muito grossas.

Heridas de bajo costo reutilizables con silicona y maquillaje: Hola, bienvenido a mi instructable. En el último año he estado experimentando con silicona común (sellador de lechada), perfeccionando el proceso para que pueda usarse como una alternativa para el sugru. Comencé con este instructivo sobre oogoo. Así que hace un tiempo mi ...

Usar solo al aire libre o en un área bien ventilada.. -Ahora puedes agregar un poco más de nafta a tu mezcla … o no. Para hacer tu sangre de silicona.. Algo de sangre que se sienta en las gotas en el resto de la mezcla curada es un buen efecto, pero no durará mucho, se puede frotar y será mejor que se use la sangre falsa pura para el acabado.. No te olvides de hacer moretones, un poco de silicona para la sangre y un poco de maquillaje azul también funciona.. Para combinar tu prótesis con tu piel necesitas usar maquillaje.. -Hacer manchas de moretones en el borde de su prótesis y su piel. - engrase la herida de la base positiva (cualquier cosa que entre en contacto con el yeso) con un poco de vaselina.. Conclusión: no haga que su prótesis sea demasiado gruesa o grande, córtela en partes, de lo contrario se soltará fácilmente después de que se haya aplicado sobre la piel.

Elenxs Packung mit 5 verschiedene Farben Silikon Reusable Weinflasche Caps / Bier Sealer Abdeckung Features Lieferumfang 5 Stück Silik...

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Into:  In this following instructable I will be showing you how to make a simple, yet realistic and reusable, latex wound effect on a tight ...

Stage Blood - $2 for a 1oz bottle.. After the base coat of Liquid Latex has begun to dry, remove one square of toilet paper from a roll.. Take one of the rolls and apply it to the latex base.. Using your finger apply Liquid Latex to the toilet paper now positioned on your application area.. Once the latex has dried you will need to set it with some Neutral Set Powder to take away the tackiness and to make sure the make-up does not gelatinize the application.. The piece is now dry, set and ready for the next step of production, make-up application.. I begin my application with some liquid foundation to give a base color to the application.. Blend the foundation into your skin using a blending sponge.. Now it's time to highlight parts of the wound using a lighter colored make-up.. Now that the wounds has been blended into the application area, it is time to start working on the inside of the wound.. (Quick Tip: Setting make-up is the most often forgotten crucial steps in make-up application and results in running and ruined make-up at the first sign of moisture such as sweat or water.). I prefer to use store bought stage blood and apply it with a fine tip brush.. You can purchase silicon oil that will remove latex and leave it intact, although shiny.. With a little Liquid Latex to blend the edges and some touch ups on the make-up, the wound can be ready to go again in no time.


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