5 Methods To Keep Pizza Warm - Finds Pizza (2022)

Are you one of those who like the pizza hot or warm?

When I think of the stretchy cheese, the crusty crust with the different sumptuous toppings, I know that’s how I like it. I like it hot from the oven or at least warm but never cold. This is also why I’m one of those who will want to know how to warm it when it gets cold.

Of course, pizza-eating is the easiest way to serve a meal, whether for your small family or a large party. Nowadays, you can’t even hold a party without getting pizza from the chain restaurants or cooking it.

Suppose you will eat it a little later; it’s inevitable for it to cool down if you ordered it earlier. You always want it to maintain the temperature it already has. I know a few of my friends who enjoy the cold pizza, but not everybody does. This is what raises our question of how can you keep the pizza warm.

Since we want it to maintain the temperature while also attaining the same crispy crust, you will need to do the following to maintain the temperature.

What temperature will keep pizza warm?

As much as you want to keep the pizza warm, you don’t want it to burn, so you have to maintain it at a safe temperature. When you have the oven set at 170°F, you will have it maintain the warmth for as long as you need it.

The best methods to use in keeping the pizza warm

1.Set the pizza in the oven with its box still on

I must say the easiest way to keep the pizza warm is to use the oven. If you will eat it a little later, either order it later or regulate the temperature using the oven. This may be the best method that even works efficiently. The secret, though, is to set it at the lowest temperature.

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Just make sure you keep it at 180°F to make sure you don’t make it dry or burn it. I know what you are thinking ‘won’t the box burn? Well, it won’t burn anyway as long as you keep the temperature lower than 400°F. So ensure you maintain the temperature at lower than 300°F.

When you realize the oven is getting too hot, then you can switch it off. Still, after you switch it off, please leave it in the oven regardless.

This low temperature will then get the oven-like temperature in the pizza box without actually burning it.

Why leave the box on when you set it in the oven?

The box’s essence is to ensure it doesn’t overcook, but it also won’t become wet and soggy.

Remember to keep the steam flaps open so that you can prevent the crust from getting chewy.

Note, while you may use the cardboard, it may leave your pizza smelling of the chemicals they used to make it. This is the reason why it’s ideal to use a stone instead.

2.You could use the oven stone too.

The easiest way to cook your pizza is by using stone. And if you already have it in your house, then you are okay. It can work correctly to deliver the perfect temperature of your pizza in the oven.

Notice that your pizza stone takes a long time to heat up, primarily when you use the cordierite stone. So then set it at about 200°F but give it up to 50 minutes. So the essence is to make sure it gets hot enough to spread the heat onto the pizza for a longer time.

The next thing to do is to set the pizza on the stone and let it be. Also, remember to switch off the heat off.

The good thing, too, is that it won’t allow the chemical spell to spread on the pizza or get it soggy. The pizza remains as good as you bought it.

3.The aluminum foil

Of course, if you want the pizza to maintain a warm, crusty texture, you need to use aluminum foil. Believe it or not, the foil will help to retain the temperature for up to three hours.

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If you, therefore, had guests but you ordered the pizza sooner, use it. The good thing is that, most likely, you already have the foil in your pantry.

Then, set it in the oven that is already preheated to about 400°F, then let it stay in the oven for at least 8-10 minutes. Also, you can give it time to see that it starts having the cheese bubble.

The good thing is that you will keep your pizza hot for as long as you need. Remember though to it within the window of at most 3 hours. The other secret then is to use this method together with the pizza stone method. This will give you the perfect charm to keep the pizza warm.

You know the stone retains the temperature, and it will therefore transfer the same temperature to the pizza in the foil.

How to keep the pizza warm without an oven?

4.You can use the microwave.

I know the microwave is not one of the very best options to use when you want to heat the pizza but notice that it works. It’s just not the best choice compared to the options you see here.

5 Methods To Keep Pizza Warm - Finds Pizza (3)

Of course, though, you could use the microwave to keep your pizza warm. Let’s say you can reheat it here.

  • Take the microwave-proof dish and set the slices of the pizza on the dish. The point, though, is to make sure you give it space.
  • If you like, then you can place a container with some water near the dish. The essence here then is to make sure you have a moist crust still.
  • Now you should set it to 50 or 60% and heat it for 40 to 60 seconds.
  • You don’t expect to have the best results when you use the microwave, remember. It will work every once in a while. If you look around and notice that there’s no other method you can use, then consider using the microwave option for the best results.

5.The skillet method

You can also use the skillet method to keep the pizza warm. If you have the nonstick pan, then you can use it to keep the pizza warm. So if you don’t have the oven or even have many pizzas you need to warm, use the skillet.

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First off, place the pizza onto the stove with high heat. Take the time to heat it to 2-3minutes. Remember, you want to keep the pizza crust crispy. But then you don’t want it to burn.

Next, take the heat down to medium heat. So you should let the cheese get a little bit liquid, and the sauce should be saucy. If you can’t have the cheese liquefy, you should cover it with the lid and avoid burning it.

The one thing is to avoid the burning. In this case, too, you can use the cast iron skillet as it will retain the temperature a little longer.

How to keep the pizza warm in the car?

One of the easiest ways to have a full dinner meal is ordering your pizza from the hotel. When you have just ordered it, you want it to remain warm before you go in to eat it. But how will you keep it warm? Below are the simple hacks to use in keeping the pizza warm.

I also know that maybe the newest pizza delivery guy may benefit from this information, as you will see.

Keep the box lid on

Since we are using a box, if you let it open, the pizza will cool off. So then you should make sure the lid is down. The other problem is that when it opens, then you may have the toppings scatter everywhere.

Ensure the lid is nicely set, and you can open it once you are at home. The easiest way to set it or keep the lid closed is:

Take a soda bottle and then set it below the pizza box.

Also, you can set another one on the sides, thus making it stable. This means that it will remain flat on the seat, thus limiting the movement. This is also the reason why the toppings won’t scatter everywhere as you are driving.

Use a seat warmer.

This is another one of the hacks you may use for your pizzas.

So you should know that most cars have seat warmers. Thus you won’t be warming yourself instead of warming the pizza.

So you should just set the pizza on the seat and then switch on the seat warmer.

Of course, this is the best solution, especially if you suspect that you could take longer on the road. You know, with the traffic jams, we can never know these things.

This is the best way to keep the pizza warm and ready for use. But to even make it warmer, you should use the towel or blanket to cover the pizza box. This will also make sure it retains the perfect heat.

Pizza insulating bag

Of course, you should know the market has the unique bags that the pizza delivery men sometimes use. This is the one you can set the pizza box in and then go home. The pizza will reach home, remaining nicely hot.

How will I keep it warm when going to the picnic?

We all love to get out and have a family or personal treat. But the last thing you want when there is to eat cold food. So we are going to show you how to make sure you eat the warm pizza again.

Use a portable stove.

You know what we mean when we say that you can carry the stove to reach any place you need. You will then use it to heat your favorite pizza just before you eat it. You go to Amazon and get a compact size stove that you will use to make sure you still eat the food in a good state.

You know, at this rate, you can set the stove anywhere and then heat the pizza before you hear it. In most cases, though, you will need to warm the pizza in about an hour.

Insulating bags

You probably have seen these options more often. It further works to keep your food at just the right temperature. It’s a cheaper option for keeping your food warm. They come to you in different sizes. You can have larger sizes and small ones, which means you get to choose how large or small you would like it to be.

You could use the cooler to keep your food warm.

If you didn’t know any other way to keep your food and pizza warm, then we have a cooler for you. Although designe4d for cooling situations, it will keep the pizza warm as well. Yes, you heard right, I’m saying warming the pizza.

For it to work, therefore, get two bricks and wrap them with the foil paper. Now start to heat the bricks to 300F and let it heat for about 20 minutes.

Next, set a newspaper on the surface of the cooler. Then go on to set the stones or bricks on the floor of the cooler.

Now set the pizza on the bricks. Then cover it with another towel that will form insulation too. With that, you can maintain the temperature for longer.

Start to use the warm blanket.

There’s the simple method of keeping it warm. And just the same way the blanket keeps us warm, it will keep the pizza warm.

You will need to set the pizza box in the warm blanket and then cover the pizza boxes. If you can, keep the pizza box and fold the blanket into four layers. This retains the heat within the pizza.

So then, which is the best way to keep the pizza warm?

I would say the best way to keep the pizza warm is by using the oven. All the other methods will keep the pizza warm, but they may not sustain the warmth for a long time. You want it to maintain the temperature without really burning.

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